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Driven Game Shooting, Rough Shooting and Deer Stalking

We are based in North Wales where we run friendly shooting syndicates offering sporting driven game shooting and rough shooting at a modest cost.

Our syndicate members enjoy good shooting and good company. 

Outside the game season we meet to improve the shooting and we have summer socials and fun clay shooting. Members enjoy pigeon, rabbit and crow shooting through the Spring and Summer months.

Organized shoot days in the game season are relaxed and friendly, and we usually stop for a chat and some welcome refreshments at the end of the day.

The stand and beat format we use works well, with Guns happy to work their dogs (or sticks) and then have their turn as a standing Gun for the next drive for some exciting shooting.

We rear and release pheasants and ducks, which provide excellent sport in the season, we also encourage a good natural stock of game by improving habitat. 

We help and encourage youngsters to get into the sport, and also new shooters who are interested in experiencing the excitement of live quarry shooting.

Deer stalking

As experienced deer stalkers we have Fallow deer stalking in North Wales where we organize accompanied deer stalking on a one to one basis for a reasonable fee.

Again, people new to the sport are given help, support and guidance on this exciting sport. An estate rifle is available for your use.

Shoot advice

A fresh pair of qualified and experienced eyes! We offer shoot advice to people wishing to create a new shoot, and to existing shoots wanting to improve their sport. We offer free telephone advice and charge a modest fee for visiting your shoot and offering hands on assistance.

An Invitation

We hope you enjoy our website, please get in touch if you would like more information or just a friendly chat about sporting shooting and stalking!


or call 07771 667 607

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